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Dali's handsome face

Slide Show

2 weeks ago i have a chance to visit Dali @ Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi. The collection was very limited and mostly his draft worksheets. One of my friends Evrim, whom is also an artist, confirmed me from her art history lessons slides. Also the museum was cold and the lightning was a failure. Everyone in the group also agreed on his handsome picture on the left.

Happy New Year 2009

Thanks to my friend form work UÄŸur, I have a wonderful new year party at magnet in Taksim.
Although party was a private one (ur names must have been written) , both the first and second floor was full. We have danced and drunk way too much.

Dj cabin@ 2 o'clock

Magnet & Dj cabin

Happy New Year To U All

I Have only one wish this year


Usher @ Vicoria’s Secret 2008


Actually i have no interest in usher or his music style but i suggest every person who would like to see a perfect performance. He danced and song without hesitation and style like a professional dancer. Gratz.




Before i decided to watch this old anime from 1998, i do choose more recent ones because of style, storyline and of course music. But i must admit this one has changed all my habits.

A brute (Gutts) meets a leader named (Griffith) and chases his dreams that is to have his own kingdom but in the end leader turns out to be a dark demon prince , sacrificing his comrades.

I do not advice for many who dislikes endings without any explanations.

animedb link

Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost

Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost

While searching for some electronic music, i found this group.
Music is solid and flows while u work or walk. Best fit for watching Taksim while people are rushing through.
Listen Track Nothing Lasts

Crisis @EBI

Once upon a time there was a village with a forest which feeds them.
After a group of goats have inhabited this forest , they begun to dry up the forest by eating youngsters.

In the end villagers decided to burn the forest to scare off the goats.

Alas no forest left and the goats have left. But at that point the villagers understand, there is nothing left to save.

Today many of our friends have forced to leave the company. My trust for the company is totally dozed off by leaving them in the middle of so called crisis.

One goat may save these trees.

GITS Stand Alone Complex 2.nd Gig

As many of my close friends know, i am a huge fan of ghost in the shell series

  • Prototype of cyber brain future and cyber crime about these enchantments
  • Good character design
  • Incrediable machine design which may yield many great ideas for army
  • Music , nothing can be comparable: here is a small example yoko kanno & origa, no other russian song has a impact on me suc as this.
    Listen : Rise

Michiko to Hatchin

When i saw the trailer, i thought i have seen an ibiza poster or clip from mtv but after watching some episodes; the sexy style , action scenes, clothes and some silly Brazil culture (i love when Japanese try to imitate other nations) , this anime series surely has something to catch u. A hideous mother and her child wandering in the mist of crime world in Brazil while some afro headed childhood police friend chasing them.

Michiko to Hatchin

Soul (2008)

Seal - Soul (2008)

I really like seal’s sound, creativity and style but unfortunately the album has none of them.

I think the years without his gorgeous wife Heidi Klum , he was more creative and passionate.

Listen : A Change Is Gonna Come