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F.E.A.R. was one of my favorite horror FPS games but with this sequel, it is the best. Many of the game sites give poor scores although their readers has oppposite reviews. I know the game studio Monolith with Blood which was a classic on these days.

  • Subject of the game is exactly a sequel to the first one. And it eventually gets you in.
  • Graphics are amazing, with some cool shader effects such as water on your glasses are amazing.
  • Counters are very initiative, especially psychic ones. When you hit the invisible commandos, their shield drops.
  • And a unique enemy idea which can control dead bodies to attack you.
  • Thrilling school part makes you wet to your pants.
  • Sound & music is great , basically they make you feel the intensity of the game.
  • Weapons are supported with variety of grandees.
  • I think mechas are the only thing that seemed odd in a thriller game but u may get along with
  • Final scene has a unique enemy and ending with the worst nightmare for a single men 😀
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